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What Not To Look for in Search Engine Optimization Consultants

It has always been the norm to look for the ideal search engine optimization consultants. This time, it’s all about learning what NOT to look for in SEO consultants.

Be careful and alert when you notice these signs from SEO consultants :

“I guarantee…”

Guarantees vary; some assure you of a first-page ranking, or huge traffic for your site. Don’t trust consultants who assure or guarantee you of anything. The SEO industry is constantly changing; you’re not sure if what works today will still work the next day.

Be wary of consultants who assure you of your site achieving a first-page ranking on Google. Google itself states it’s hard to guarantee rankings, so don’t believe anyone who states otherwise.

SEO ConsultantsInstead of asking for guarantees and assurances, it’s better to communicate with consultants instead. Have them inform you when something works and when something doesn’t. Be ready for the idea that some efforts won’t be as profitable as you’ve imagined.

Setting Unrealistic Expectations

False hopes will disappoint you more. Don’t go for companies who sets unrealistic expectations and quick fixes. As much as you would want instant results, it’s not possible.

For SEO to work well, you have to invest time on it, and credible search engine optimization consultants understand that. What you should be given is an educated guess on when traffic should be expected, and this guess should be based on factors such as the competition, your industry, strategy and goals.

Offering Low Prices

Sure, your eyes would light up when you get offered lower than the usual prices. Some would even offer their services for free within a trial period. Tempting, right?

SEO isn’t easy. It’s time-consuming, plus, you have to be very involved in here to achieve positive results. Would you think someone will actually be willing to do this all for free?

You’d think it’ll make you save money but in reality, you’ll actually spend more in the long run. Or you could receive free services, but be watchful on what they’d be expecting in return.

Secret Strategies

Clients who insist of hiding their tricks are most likely using illegal i.e. black hat SEO strategies. The huge traffic you’ll get will be short-lived, and may get you banned from search engines once discovered.

Search engine optimization consultants aren’t chefs who are entitled to “secret ingredients”. No strategy or method should be kept from you; you as a client should be aware of what’s being done to your site (unless they’re using voodoo and crystal balls – that’s a different story).

SEO isn’t all about tricks; search engines focus now on organic content on boosting the visibility of sites on the Internet. No need to perform black hat techniques to achieve positive results over time.

Comes with Packages

Every website is unique, hence, the manner of treatment should also be unique. Each website has its target audience, goals, needs and SEO requirements. If a consultant tells you they’ve got a package that will work for your website, then look for someone else.

A good SEO firm will have to study your website first and analyze everything that comes with it before taking the first steps. There shouldn’t be “one-size-fits-all” packages that would be used for your business.

In searching for that right SEO company, you also have to consider what not to look for – it’ll lead you to the right consultant to work with. Guarantees, expectations, promises… like in real life, they won’t always be fulfilled. It’s better to communicate and work together with honest, ethical and credible search engine optimization consultants to achieve long-term results and be more beneficial in the long run.

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